Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Images in the Night

Last week, I woke up with a totally inappropriate image in my mind.
I’m Jewish by birth and by culture. I do not practice any religion.  I frequently attend Quaker Meeting because it’s a chance to meditate with a group for an hour. No sermons, no songs. Just meditating and the occasional spoken insight by a meditator.

Then I woke up with this:


I have had experiences that felt like communion with the Creator. And when I’ve heard a voice (which happens rarely) it has been a male voice.  The image seemed like it belongs on a t-shirt.  But it is not a t-shirt I would wear.   I tried sending the design to a Christian t-shirt company, but they didn’t get back with me.

I sent the image to a friend.  She suggested that I should do the equal opportunity t-shirt.


So, I built  WithHim and WithHer shops, both at CafePress and Zazzle.  I thought the arrows should be on the back of the shirts so, they wouldn’t appear to point at the face of the wearer.  My husband thought the symbol was phallic and definitely should be on the back.  Zazzle doesn’t offer that option.  I prefer the textures of the shirts at Zazzle, but the lack of a print-on-back option is a drawback.  Nevertheless, both shirts are available at both shops.

Then my husband suggested I was missing out on the humor market, so I created this t-shirt.  Since I’d already used the name WithHim, this one is called WithSatan.


This design does belong on the front of the shirt.  It’s silly, so it may as well be phallic, too.

Now comes the next problem – how do I reach the audience who might buy these t-shirts?  I don’t hang out with the personalities who would wear any of them.

I've never questioned the story ideas that come to me -- I enjoy writing the stories.  It was fun to create these graphics -- but I have no idea why this image came to me.

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