Wednesday, February 20, 2013


I’ve just picked up a new hobby. Doodling.  I never doodled in the margins. I don’t get images in my head of things to sketch – not things that can be represented quickly and simply. I read Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain.  Those drawings take hours, and while they look like serious art, they aren’t fun to do.  I wanted something in between.

My Cancer Survivors network sent out an email.  They were going to have a class in Zentangle.  I looked it up on the web.  Youtube has plenty of zentangle videos.  Rather than take a one hour each way bus ride in order to attend the one hour class, I opted for Youtube.

This stuff is fun!  It creates attractive designs without much planning. The technique is not time consuming.  It puts my mind in a light meditative state. It’s a good quick break from concentrating on something difficult.

But like all hobbies – it starts out with stuff around the house – pens and paper. But now I’m craving colored marking pens. Thick ones and thin ones. And maybe a book, so I can learn more about this style of doodling.   Nothing is ever truly simple.

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