Friday, February 8, 2013

Green Smoothies

I like to ignore trends.  It’s a combination of laziness and ego.  First of all it means I don’t have to learn something that will probably be of only temporary use.  And secondly, I like to think my values don’t require me to follow fashion.

But my mother called.  She had just seen an ad for a blender. In the ad, the blender made green smoothies.  I’ve heard about them for years, but never tasted one.  They reminded me of juicers.  I inherited a juicer from my mother-in-law.  I used it once and after laboriously cleaning it, I gave it away.  The recipient told me these things cost hundreds of dollars.  I got it for free and I wasn’t going to use it – she may as well have it for free.

My mother assured me that green smoothies use the pulp. There’s nothing to clean up, other than the blender jar and blades, and any accidental spills.  She wasn’t just sold on green smoothies – she was sold on the blender in the ad.  There was urgency in her voice: where could she buy one locally, today?  Good old internet to the rescue.  I found the blender.  It has decent ratings on review sites.  And they were in stock at a store near her home, for which she had a discount coupon. The store was even in the same street mall as a grocery store so she could pick up the veggies on the same trip.

She called later.  She loves green smoothies.

I had to try them.  All you do is cut up any fruits or veggies you have in the house – no need to peel or core them. Okay, I cut off the thorns from the outside of the pineapple – I’m a wimp.  But I didn’t peel my orange or pit my apples. Add a couple handfuls of kale or parsley or cilantro or lettuce or other green leaves. Pour on about a cup and half of water, put the lid on the blender jar and whirrr. 

Then my older daughter had to try them.  Her daughters didn’t like the seeds from the raspberries. She had to have a stronger blender.  

I think there’s a trend going on with stronger blenders because I was out walking my dog and somebody had put a perfectly operational blender with all its parts out on the sidewalk.  I picked it up, took it home, tested it, and gave it to my niece – who is now also hooked on green smoothies.  

Who knew?  The power of advertising!  I wonder if this is how most people feel when they try the latest trends or if this one time, the trend was tasty.

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