Friday, February 15, 2013

He's Dead: Joel

My chiropractor Joel is dead. He had throat cancer that spread to his lungs and his brain. He spent years on chemo and even went to Mexico for an experimental program.  He tried everything he could find. Homeopathy. Anti-cancer diets.

Joel did everything full-tilt.  His chiropractor’s office had a massage chair, a sonic pulse machine, an adjustment table that gave stretching rides.

Joel wanted everybody to know how he got this cancer.  We don’t think of cancer as a contagious disease.  But cervical cancer is an STD.  There are vaccines Gardasil and Cervarix which can be given to boys and girls as early as age 9, through age 26.  Joel had oral sex with his partner. She had cervical cancer. The viruses that cause cervical cancer infected his throat, and eventually killed him.

He called radio talk shows. He persisted even though DJs and other callers laughed at him.

A chiropractic adjustment doesn’t last.  Education does.  Spreading the word is Joel’s legacy. 

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