Friday, April 5, 2013

EcoFreak at the Mammogram Shop

I am an eco-freak.  I bring my own bags to the grocery. I bring my own boxes to restaurants in case I have left-overs. And I wore my own blouse to the mammogram shop.

I have to wash what I wear at the end of the day anyway.  So, on days when I have to expose my breast (used to be breasts), I wear a front-closing blouse.  

The mammogram shop was running late. I had to wait 90 minutes before they called me back to the changing room.  I told the woman who escorted me that I would not be changing. I’d remove my bra and put my own blouse back on.  She showed me the silly costumes on the shelf, as if seeing the patterns on them would change my mind.  When I refused a 2nd time, she let me use a changing room to remove my bra and prosthetic. 

When I came out, she showed me how to use the lockers so I could lock up my bra, and bike helmet and bide saddle bag, and jacket.  She seemed to want to check on me that I really had removed my bra and didn’t have it anywhere near, where I could sneak it back on again.

Then she showed me to a 2nd waiting room.  I told her I had an appointment with a doctor one floor up 5 minutes ago. She agreed to call him and ask if I should come right up or reschedule.  The doctor wanted the mammogram results, so I sat there.

While I sat, 3 staff-women asked me, “Don’t you want to change?”  I assured each of them that my bra was off, my blouse opens down the front, just like the costumes and NO, I do NOT want to wear a costume and create more laundry.  I will wash my own blouse when I do my laundry. I will wear my own blouse for the rest of the day.  I am an eco-freak.

When I was finally called for the mammogram, I didn’t give the technician a chance to ask about my blouse.  I told her I’m an eco-freak, and I’m wearing my own blouse.  She didn’t blink.  She just asked me to remove my blouse.  I presume she had the other women remove their costumes. She smashed me in the machine, and led me to yet another waiting room, where they would come get me if I needed more x-rays or a sonogram, or to let me know everything was okay.

At about the 2 hour point, they gave the All Clear and let me go up stairs to my doctor’s appointment where I had to wait another 90 minutes.  And again explain why I wasn't going to wear their costume.

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