Friday, April 12, 2013

More Doodling

Doodling fascinates me. I’ve invested in a set of colored markers.  Free plug: Staples has a pack of 24 Sharpies for $10.

I’m amazed that the simple act of committing myself to doodling for 10 or 15 minutes is relaxing, much like meditation.  And when I’m done, I have something to show for it.  Something I like looking at.

I’ve been playing around with Zentangle techniques.

In short, the steps are:
Draw a box in which you want to doodle. 

Make a squiggle or two inside that box, which divides the box into areas.  

Decide what you’d like to draw in each area. 
The Zentangle folks have over 100 fill patterns. Plus most cultures have fill patterns that aren’t copyrighted. Or create an original design.

Then when you’re done doodling, you can color it in, or shade it with a soft pencil.  I even learned a color combining trick that works with colored markers.   You need a piece of flat plastic, like a pin box. Color an area about an inch square on the flat plastic with a dark marker, say red.  Then take a light marker, such as yellow, and wipe it across the dark patch on the plastic.  When you start to color with the marker, it starts out red, goes through shades of orange and ends up yellow.

Bottom line: I enjoy it.

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  1. I LOVE IT!

    You have such wonderful hidden talents.