Friday, June 7, 2013

Zagar's Gardens

“Every tile is the right tile. Every place is the right place.”

Isaiah Zagar has created murals from tiles, mirrors, pottery, bottles, bicycle wheels, and other bought, made, and found items on over 100 walls in Philadelphia. He also built a mini-labyrinth in a former vacant lot, which he calls “Magic Garden.”

His work is controversial. The mayor gave him a citation for creating one of Philadelphia’s most loved artworks.   Angry neighbors come up to tour groups and tell them they’re wasting their time looking at junk.  Some are on homes where people have asked Zagar to design murals for specific themes.  Others seem more to show inspiration of the moment.

Some are playful. Others reverent. Still others seem to be designed from personal images.

Zagar only works near his home on South Street. His students work all over town. 

Most of the works have messages worked into the designs.

This is the front door of his home.

This is a nearby door stoop.

Below are some murals.


  1. This place is a great treasure. Wonderful works of art. Reminds me of Gaudi in Spain and the Watts Towers in LA.