Monday, July 29, 2013

Tomatoes and Habits

Yesterday morning, I went to the back yard and picked a ripe tomato.  If it had been the afternoon, I’d have bitten into it right there in the sunshine.  But I was fixing breakfast.  I brought it into the house, put it down on the cutting board, and did what I’ve been doing with store tomatoes.  I turned it over to look for the sticker.

Habits can be time wasters.  But in this case, my habit helped me appreciate what I have – a home grown tomato.

It doesn’t have a sticker. It has not been grown to withstand machinery. I don’t care if it is easily bruised, or if it has a long shelf life. I pick it today and I eat it today.  It tastes fresher and yummier than a store tomato.  

I put it into a flower pot to take its photograph.  I picked a pepper to put with it.  I’d never noticed before that my peppers have little thorns in a ring around the top.

This is what “being in the now” is about – not some impossible spiritual practice. It’s enjoying my garden.

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