Wednesday, July 31, 2013

What does a Bicyclist Say to a Person Exiting a Parked Car?

Hey, person in the car. I cannot see what you are doing with your hands.  I cannot read your mind. And with your dark tinted windows, I can’t even see you in there.  So, how am I supposed to guess when you are about to swing your car door open right in my path?

I’m a geezer.  I tend to think that young people aren’t as smart as they think they are.  I remember the mindset. But I would never have sassed a geezer the way that young man just sassed me.

Here I was, biking carefully in the bike lane, which happens to be between the traffic lane and the car parking lane. If a driver in a parked car decides to exit, his or her car door opens into the bike lane.  A young man in a car swung wide his door with a dark tinted window. I squeezed my brakes.  I didn’t hit him. He nonchalantly stepped into the street.  Using my most polite voice, I said, “Please look for bikes before you open your car door. I almost hit you.”  He looked at me as if I hadn’t spoken English.  I repeated myself.  He scowled and then said, “You could look for people opening their car doors.”  Then he huffed off.

What am I supposed to look for?  And even if he is right – even if avoiding the accident is my responsibility – does he want to be right as he lies in the hospital. I tried to give him advice that might save his life. I can’t talk to young people any more than I can talk to Republicans.  What good have my years of experience done me? 

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