Friday, September 6, 2013

Trying to Give Stuff Away

I got rid of my landline.  I was tired of getting sales pitches during dinner.  I had 6 phones in various parts of the house, so one is always within easy reach.  It’s too much bother to unplug them all at every meal.  So, I had my landline phone number transferred to a cell phone.  That’s easy to turn off when ever I want to turn off the world.

Then, I listed my 6 phones and my answering machine as freebies on Craigslist.  Within seconds I had a taker.  Before I could delete the listing, I had four more wannabe takers.  

Taker #1 said he’d be here at 9 AM this morning.  9:05 I had to go to work.  I sent him a text message telling him the phones are in a box on the stoop.  I came by briefly at 10:30.  The phones were still there.  I texted him again – do you still want them?

He texted back – he had a flat tire – he’d be by before 3 PM.  I left the box of phones on the stoop.   I came back and checked on them again about 1:30 PM.  The 2 cordless phones were gone (and one of the manuals).  All the hard-wired phones and the answering machine were still there.  There was no text from my erstwhile Taker #1 – not even a thank you.

I debated writing him a note telling him that if he only wanted the cordless phones he should have said so in the first place so I could have offered the others to other people last night – but why bother?

So, I wrote Taker #2, and explained the situation.   So far I haven’t heard back.  If she doesn’t respond by dinner time, I’ll go on to Taker #3.   

And I thought this was going to be easy.

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