Monday, September 2, 2013

Yay! I Didn't Break Anything

Ever since being hit by a car while biking, and having my collar bone repaired and my hip replaced, I’ve been terrified of falling.  My doctors know I continue to bike.  Collar Bone Repair doc just asks that I remember him for my next repair.  Hip doc seems more confident in the sturdiness of his work.  But I have dreaded falling.  I do balance exercises. I do yoga.  And in my regular life, I don’t fall.

But it was raining and there were puddles and I’m guessing I hit a piece of trolley track in one of those puddles. There are many on that street, no longer in use, twisted at unpredictable angles.   All I know is that one second I was biking along and the next – splat.  A car swerved around me.  People came from the sidewalks to surround me and protect me from traffic.

I got up. I lifted my bike.  I walked to the curb and up onto the sidewalk.  People asked if I was okay.  I did a body check.  Before that accident, I’d have said, “I’m ouchy, but nothing serious.”
This time I paused before answering.  The truth was – I was ouchy, but nothing serious.  I thanked the people who had protected me.  I reassured them. I was scraped and bruised like a normal person.  I was thrilled.  I fell and I got up.  My body is back to normal.



  1. Happy to hear the new hip has held up. One of my friends just had both replaced (!) and is now contemplating whether or not to back on her bicycle or her horse. Wet tracks are just the worst.

  2. I hope your friend gets back to her life. I figure there's not much point in going through surgery and rehab if you spend the rest of your life not using the new parts.