Friday, October 11, 2013

Getting Vicious in my Old Age

I live 4 doors down from a bar.  These are row houses. In other words, I live about 70 feet from a bar.  When I moved in here, it was a quiet old-man bar.  Now it is a noisy bar that appeals to younger patrons.  They’re old enough to drink, but put-politely – they drink more than they should.  And quite a few of them drive to the bar.  It’s noisier than many other bars not far from my home, and they like it that way.

I do not like the noise.  

When the bar lets out, I am often wakened by noisy drunks fighting under my windows.  But they eventually go on their way, and I get back to sleep.

Sometimes, they take their drunken anger out on the plants in my window boxes and tear them to shreds.

The last time this happened I came up with a plan to stop them.  I looked up frost-proof cactus on the web.  The mere sight of those thorns should prevent them from attacking.  I have a porch light and I keep it on.  There will be no excuses that they didn’t see those sharp defenses.  And if they attack anyway – maybe the pain will teach them not to go killing innocent plants. 


  1. I love this cactus idea. I hope it works. People should not wrestle with cactus!

  2. The cactus plants arrived. They're smaller than expected. I hope they still look scary. In a few years, (if they survive) they'll look ferocious.