Thursday, December 19, 2013

Bus Driver Giving Me Dirty Looks

I was waiting at the bus stop at Market and 10th.  The bus (my bus) did not slow down.  I stepped up to the curb. I waved.  The bus driver sped right on by.

I’m not supposed to run with my replacement hip.  But I have an exemption – I am allowed to run to catch a bus.  The light was red at the next bus stop, so I ran.  The bus stopped.  It let passengers on.  I arrived just as the driver was closing the door.  It’s 15 minutes until the next bus.  The temperature was below freezing.  I stood in front of the closed bus door and willed the driver to open it.  Somebody on the bus yelled.  The door opened.  

I showed my senior pass to the driver.  He glared at me.  As if anybody in good enough shape to run in the cold didn’t deserve a senior pass.

At the next stop a woman lugging a heavy suitcase got on.  She also showed her senior pass.  Somehow this is my fault?  I wish I could take credit.  Seniors in good shape are something to be proud of. 

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