Friday, January 3, 2014

Don't Tell Them You're a Senior,until you check the price!

I thought that if there was a choice between Adult fare and Senior fare that Senior would be cheaper.  It all depends.  At the aquarium yes.  Adopting a pet, yes. For riding the bus, yes.  But for basic transportation like train and Greyhound bus rides – NO!

I was planning a trip by Greyhound to NYC this weekend.  I’ve been spoiled by planning a month in advance and getting the $2 round trip ticket for the first person booking a ride on that bus.  This was only a few days ahead of time – enough to get the online booking discount, but nothing more.  Then I saw the Senior checkbox.  I checked it, thinking – this will help.  The round trip price came back at $58.  

I’m going with my husband.  I tried the Companion discount.  Still $58.  Then I unchecked Senior and checked Adult. They can’t claim that seniors aren’t adults.  The price dropped to $34.

That was for each of us.  Supposedly the companion fare is half the regular fare, but both our fares were identical.

I’ve had similar experiences with Senior vs Adult on Amtrak.

It’s worth checking both prices before buying your tickets.  

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