Friday, January 10, 2014

Roar Bites the Hedgie

Roar is tough on toys. He prefers the kind that squeak. Unlike previous dogs, Roar is not fast enough to catch and kill a pigeon, so making a toy squeak is his pleasure.

He can get the squeaker out of most toys in a matter of hours.  He can get the stuffing out and rip the fabric to shreds in less than a week.  So, I was a sucker for a toy with the brand name Invincible.  It’s a mini-hedgehog.

The first two lasted about 4 months each.  The third one didn’t make it 12 hours.  I wrote the company.  They wrote back within minutes.  They were sending me a replacement.  It arrived with some colorful fridge magnets.  Yay for fridge magnets.

Roar is happy. I’m happy. And I think this company deserves some good publicity.

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