Thursday, May 8, 2014

I Am Officially A Curmudgeon

My husband, the alien, and I visited our younger daughter’s family in Virginia for 2 days.  We spent the first day watching our granddaughter play soccer, which is okay. She’s timid. She runs around, hits the ball occasionally, and stays away from the mad swingers.

Then we went to our grandson’s LaCrosse game.  I had never seen one before.  I never want to see one again.  These children hit each other with sticks while they chase a ball around a field.  According to my grandson, he likes hitting and being hit. This is why he prefers LaCrosse to soccer, where hitting isn’t allowed.

At his age, they are allowed to hit horizontally, but not vertically. This means they can whack a kneecap or a rib, but not a collar bone. The children wear padding, but it is clear that they can be injured.

I said what I thought.  I wish my grandson wouldn’t play this game.  Why not Aikido?  He could fall down (that feels similar to being hit) and he could knock others down (which is similar to hitting.)  Or tennis, in which he could hit a ball and make his opponent run to get it.  But these are not  team sports. My grandson likes team sports. I prefer individual sports like yoga or gymnastics, or swimming. I just do the activities for the physical pleasure they bring me. I see no pleasure in hitting or being hit.

Baseball is a team sport in which no one intentionally hurts another. Basketball can be played by people who do not intentionally commit fouls. Volleyball does not require injuring fellow players. Rowing teams work together.  There are even bowling teams, although I think of bowling as more of an individual sport.

I suppose I should be happy he’s not playing football or ice hockey. I don’t live near my grandchildren.  We have to schedule visiting times. I don’t want to spend my visiting time watching my grandson being pummeled.

Scheduling visits on weekends when there are no LaCrosse games may severely limit when we can see each other. If he were my child, he wouldn’t be playing LaCrosse. My daughter is fine with it. There are parts of our lives we cannot comfortably share.

I used to think my grandfather was a curmudgeon because he wasn’t interested in many of my activities, like gymnastics or code-breaking, or liberal politics.  Now I am the curmudgeon.

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