Friday, June 13, 2014

Charlatan or Fool

How do you tell the difference between a charlatan and a fool?

A charlatan knows s/he is selling nonsense.  A fool thinks the stuff might actually work.

My mother is seeing a chiropractor who does not limit himself to adjusting her spine.  He has her on a diet that by all accounts is either worthless or harmful.

My mother is 91 years old and when she started going to this man, she weighed 100 lbs.  She now weighs 91 lbs.  The food she is allowed seems to be a variation of the Paleo Diet. But then there are the supplements.  She had me look up two of them.  Solutions4 and ClubReduce are weight loss products. He also has her drinking Kangen water which Dr. Weil (who loves all things alternative) says is worthless.

My mother has neuropathy as a result of lumbar laminectomy surgery 10 years ago. She has tried many treatments without success.  She says this treatment makes her feet hurt worse, but that the chiropractor tells her this means her nerves are growing back.

Obviously, the man is selling hope.  Hope is a good product.  I want her to know that the food supplements she is taking are junk.  But I don’t want to take away her hope.  I have jumped all over her about the weight loss. She can see that she doesn’t need to lose weight. She knows she wants to attend the family get-together next September, a month before her 92nd birthday. She says she’ll gain the weight back, but if she keeps taking these supplement and eating this diet, I don’t know how that will happen.

My grand daughters made her some dairy-free cookies.  She does have a sweet tooth, so maybe that will help.  My husband called her chiropractor, and told him that he’s concerned about her weight loss.  The chiropractor says she can have organic ice cream twice a week now.  He’s afraid of toxins.

From what I’ve read, the toxin level is the same in organic and commercial foods. The main difference is that the organic farms aren’t adding to our planetary burden of insecticides and herbicides.

But right now, my concern is my mother’s health.  Both emotional and physical.  I could try to get this chiropractor’s license pulled, but he’s giving my mom hope.  So, how do I convince him to stop selling her weight loss products? And get him to encourage her to eat a higher calorie diet.? My mom is an authority follower.  I am not an authority.  Her chiropractor is.  So, I suppose charlatan or fool, I’m stuck with him, and the difference doesn’t really matter.

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