Friday, February 6, 2015

Dressing for a Birthday Party

My family can’t do anything without disagreeing.
It’s true. When you have two Jews in the room, you have at least three opinions.
The latest concerns how to dress for my father’s 95th birthday party.

We are a family of individualists, of all persuasions.  Any topic can raise debate.  The first suggestion was ties.  So, of course a family member asked – “should both genders wear them?” And then one man said he doesn’t own any. And then someone else suggested tying them in the middle instead of around the neck, so they’d be more comfortable.  And someone suggested Hawaiian shirts instead, if the point is to be comfortable.

At the moment, we seem to have a decree from my father that dress style will be “slightly dressier than normal.”

Since my father is celebrating his birthday on one of his unbirthdays, it is a two-day event. The 1st day, the normal dress day) is Feb 14. The debate began about how to dress for that.  This one had far fewer suggestions.  It will be a red version of Saint Patty’s day in school.  Everybody should wear something red.  I hope people who forget don’t get pinched.

I always wore a ring with a peridot stone (that’s a green stone, for those of you who aren’t rock hounds.)  That way if somebody pinched me, I got pinch-backs.  I didn’t want pinch-backs – I didn’t want to get pinched and I didn’t want to wear green. This was a compromise.

So, for Valentine’s day, I’ll wear my Wonder Woman shirt.  I don’t think anybody will want to disagree with that. 

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