Thursday, February 26, 2015

Two Very Different Companies

My husband dropped and broke his cell phone.  He went to Verizon to get another one.  They convinced him to get a different brand than his old phone.  He took it and called me.  The thing echoed my voice back at me.  And it picked up all the background sounds. He told the salesrep.  The salesrep told him that for $35, he could give it back and get the same model as his old one. $35? $35!  My husband asked to talk to the supervisor.  The supervisor repeated – my husband had to pay $35 to return the bad phone.  Again, my husband asked to talk to a supervisor.  The current supervisor told him to call 611.  At 611, the representative said, “They did what?”  Then she said that if my husband will pay the $35 she would refund it.  So, my husband gave back the phone, paid the $35, and we’re waiting for both the refund and the arrival of his new phone.  If it wasn’t so expensive to get out of our contract, he’d have dumped them on the spot. 

Meanwhile Drag N Drop Illustrator crashed my computer during installation last July.  Nothing I did could make it work.  I contacted the company. They refunded my money instantly.   A few days ago, they emailed me.  They have been fixing bugs in the program and they’d like me to try it again.   They did not ask for more money.  I downloaded it and installed it.  This time the software works.  This is how companies should behave.  

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