Friday, May 8, 2015


Why doesn’t my family believe in nepotism?

I wish they did.  I feel like many doors are closed to me because of their belief system.

I totally get why Satan in the Bible stories was mad at God.  Satan had been a good and faithful servant and a friend to God for aeons.  Then along came Jesus and – who gets to inherit the kingdom? The newcomer – the kid.  God of the Bible believes in nepotism.

So, maybe nepotism means that qualified people might get passed over.  It also means that people who matter in your life get a chance.

When I was in high school, other students parents got them summer jobs at the places where they worked.  My father said he didn’t believe in nepotism and he refused to help me.  He even hinted that he thought I wasn’t worthy of a paycheck.  So, I mowed lawns for nearly nothing while my classmates were paid more than minimum wage, and had interesting jobs in air conditioned buildings.

Many of my neighbors got their jobs because of family connections.

I have a niece who is a literary agent. I write stories that sometimes find publishers.  My niece says her boss won’t let her be an agent for friends or family.  I asked her to just read some of my short picture book texts, and give me feedback.  She doesn’t have time.

I fix family members’ computers for free. I take care of them when they are ill. But this isn’t the nepotism they don’t believe in.  It’s only their time and their effort that counts as nepotism.

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  1. Perhaps you could refer them to someone else to work on their computers. Family!