Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Trying to give stuff away - free

I’m reorganizing my house and giving away stuff I don’t need.

I had a comfy couch – not new, but certainly presentable.  Habitat for Humanity said they’d take it if it was on the 1st floor.  I hired some guys to move it to the 1st floor.  Then Habitat said they couldn’t get it for a month.  It was now occupying my living room, and I wanted it gone.  Habitat suggested I call Uhuru, which is a charitable furniture store.  Uhuru had me send them a photo. Then they had me fill out a questionnaire.  Then they said it wasn’t new enough for them.

I listed it on my neighborhood newsletter.  One man came over with his wife and said he’d bring a truck by the next day.  The next day came and went. I called him.  He no longer wanted it.  My husband listed it for $50 on Craig’s List.  It was gone in an hour.

I also had an old portable typewriter.  I have an emotional attachment to this toy.  I bought it with my first paycheck in 1965.  It took my entire paycheck of $40.  I wanted it to go to a good home, or be used as a theater prop.  I listed it free on the theater group I belong to.  One woman emailed me that she was interested.  She couldn’t come over that day because she was prepping for a colonoscopy.  She couldn’t come over the next day because she was having the colonoscopy.  She said she’d try to get by during the next week to come look at it, and she had a a bunch of questions about the ribbon, as if she’d never used a typewriter in her life.

In my experience, most of the people who email intently about a freebie never come over. Or if they do, it doesn’t meet their approval. And since she had not requested an appointment to see it, I wasn’t counting on her.  It’s a freebie.  First come is first served.

A friend wanted it.  I notified the theater group woman that it had been taken.  She says she’s now suing me in small claims court. She had put in her request first so she should have had first grab.  

When this woman saw my listing for the couch, she wrote me a nasty email that I had better not do the same thing with this couch.  I told her it was already gone.  She wrote “see you in court.” 

Does nobody sane want free stuff?

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