Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Weird Conversation at the Airport

I was at the device charging station, keeping m mouth shut while a fellow charger ranted loudly about how Obamacare is worse than having no insurance at all.  I figured anybody who could say that was not interested in, or capable of, a conversation about health insurance.

Then he switched the topic.  He was suddenly angry about Cain killing Abel in Genesis. Cain must have been a truly evil person, and God should have destroyed him.  The rant continued.  This time, I thought – I’ll defend Cain.

So, I said, “How was Cain supposed to know that death was even possible?”

The man said that he was sure God had explained everything. Then he said, “It’s our job to learn what God wants and not God’s job to explain anyway.”

I tried asking – how would you explain death to someone who had never seen death?  

He said, “What did Cain expect if he hit Abel on the head?”

“A headache?” I ventured? “Being sore?”

But my fellow charger was unconvinced.  And I don’t know how to explain ignorance to someone who has never thought about it.

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