Friday, August 21, 2015

The Pope is Coming

The Pope is coming! The Pope is coming!  And some of it fell on my city.

I admire and respect this Pope, even though I’m not Catholic.  But he’s not a rock star.  I don’t understand the magic of being in the crowd when he speaks.

I live in the green zone.  That means that buses won’t be running through my neighborhood when his eminence is here. If I drive a car out of the zone, I will not be allowed to drive back into the zone until after the Pope leaves.  I am permitted to walk or bike out of the zone and return. Some of my neighbors are leaving town for the duration.

We’re told that at least 1.5 million people will be here to see him.  These people are paying $1000 a night to stay in hotels that are walking distance from where the Pope will speak.  These people will eat in restaurants.  The restaurants are trying to figure out how they will get food with the driving restrictions.  Same for the grocery stores.  Some exceptions will be figured out.  Right now, it looks like chaos will rule.  

It’s even worse for people who live in the black and red zones. These are zones where the Pope will actually be.

At this point, I don’t care if he can do the loaves and fishes magic.  I have an artificial hip, so it is unlikely I’ll be able to get through the metal detectors to hear him.  Besides, it will probably be easier to hear him from home on the internet.  In which case, why doesn’t he stay home, too?

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