Sunday, September 6, 2015

Sears Dryer Installation Blues

We bought a washer and dryer from Sears online.

The first time the delivery man had both the washer and the dryer on his truck. He delivered and installed the washer. But the washer pan was too close to the wall for a back installation, so the dryer would need to be vented on the side. The dryer is switchable.  But the driver did not know how to switch it. So, he took the dryer back to the warehouse.  He delivered and installed the washer. He also left the vent pipes and elbow and stacking kit.

The second time, the driver brought a dryer with the vent switched to the right. But stairs to the room where the dryer will go are 27.5 inches wide.   If the dryer vent is at the back, the dryer is 27 inches wide and will fit up the stairs. If the dryer vent is on the right, the dryer is 29 inches wide and will not fit up the stairs.  So, the dryer would not fit up the stairs and the driver took it away.

The third time, the driver brought another right-side vented dryer and took it away.  He also took away the screws for the stacking kit and the vent pipes and the elbow.  He said they were the wrong type of vent pipes.  I learned later that he was wrong – they were exactly what we ordered and exactly what we need to install the dryer.

The 4th time, the delivery man brought the rear vent dryer, brought it up the stairs and promised that an expert installation team would be by in a couple of days. He also brought screws for the stacking kit. 

The 5th time, instead of an expert installation team, two men came and said they were supposed to pick up and remove the dryer.  I refused. They brought a vent pipe and elbow, but they took them away with them.

The 6th time, we talked on the phone with two sets of scheduling people, both of whom promised that this time we would get an expert installation team.  Instead we got a driver who did not know how to switch the vent from the back to the right.  He also did not have a vent pipe or elbow.  He promised he would call the installation customer care and we would get a phone call within 20 minutes.  

As I write this, It is now 5 hours later and nobody has called.  I called Sears customer support and they offered to send an outside firm to install it for $160.  I told them I have already paid for installation and I want what I paid for.

I called the installation number.  The recording said to call back during business hours.  I was calling during the stated business hours. I waited to see if it would let me leave a message. Then it hung up on me.

No wonder Sears is going broke. Meanwhile, I want my dryer installed.  I unscrewed the back to see if I could switch the vent.  Even thought I got all the screws out, I couldn’t get the back off.

Maybe the access is on the bottom. I give up for today.

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