Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Idiomatic Insults

I don’t keep up with slang.  Especially insults. Never have.  In junior high, “bitchin” sounded like an insult, so I never used the word.

Lately I have received an email from a man who called me a name I didn’t recognize, followed by a link to his website. He informed me that this term was an insult. He even told me to click the link and “look it up.”  Like I care what his made-up insult is supposed to refer to?  They’re all sex, toilet, and intellect jokes. Which one he chose is of no interest.

Then a woman I with whom I was arguing on facebook ended her argument by typing “bite me.”

I know she’s not a gold coin. There’s no purpose in biting her to determine if she is real gold or a fake.  But, what if she was one of those chocolate coins in a foil wrapper?  There is a good reason to bite them.  So, I could not resist.  I typed, “Why? Are you delicious?”

Then a man entered our argument.  He asked if he could watch while “you ladies get it on.”

I do not think this woman will be typing “bite me” any time soon again.

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