Thursday, December 10, 2015

Do the Good Guys Always Win?

Yesterday I talked with a 5-year-old about Hannukah.

He asked me, “Do the good guys always win?”

I know he’s 5, but I had to tell him the truth.

“ Both sides in any war believe that their side is good. But the winners get to write the history books.”

He gave me a blank look.  So I told him the story of the Dreidel Deception.  When Xerxes was in power, it was illegal to teach about Judaism.  So, the rabbis took the children up into the mountains and taught them the dreidel gambling game.  Each side of the dreidel is marked with a letter. Players spun the dreidel and when the dreidel fell, the rabbi started a story with whatever letter landed on top.  When the soldiers came by and found these children playing and talking, they asked, “Any teaching going on here?” 

The rabbi answered, “No. No teaching. Just nice clean gambling.”

The 5-year-old seemed to like this story better.

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