Sunday, December 20, 2015

Fixing a Printer via TeamViewer

A neighbor called – her computer was refusing to print, and she wanted me to fix her printer via TeamViewer.

Knowing this neighbor is poor at diagnostics, I agreed to try TeamViewer. I opened her Devices and Printers, right clicked her default printer, chose Printer Properties and Print Test Page.  It printed.

I opened WordPad, typed: This is a Test, File, Print.  It printed. Nothing wrong with the printer.

So, I asked what doesn’t print?  Her email didn’t print.  I opened her email and tried to print.  The only choice was printing to the cloud.  She checks her email via browser.  I tried printing another browser page.  Again – cloud.  I tried a different browser.  Cloud.

So, I asked if things were working a week ago.  Yes, they were.  I tried System Restore.  System Restore failed. I tried two other dates. Both failed. The error message suggested I try chkdsk /r   At this point, I was thankful for any ideas.  I ran chkdsk from the Tools tab on drive C.  This involved a reboot, but TeamViewer reconnected us when it was done.

I tried printing her email.  Ta da!  Chkdsk to the rescue!

Now my neighbor thinks I can fix printers via TeamViewer.

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