Sunday, January 31, 2016

Jalapeno Yogurt

My niece was staying with us for the weekend. This always means cooking.  She had her vegetarian magazine with some new Mexican recipes.  Of course they called for fresh jalapeno peppers. I have canned ones on the shelf, but fresh is fresh.  

I called my local grocery.  They had some.  The recipe also called for sweet potatoes.  They had yams.  My niece said that was fine.  So we walked Roar to the store.  My niece walked him outside while I did the honors.  Yams were in an open bin.  I took two. The jalapenos were in packages of 4.  The recipe called for one.  I bought one package.

At home I was also making yogurt.  My niece asked if we could make jalapeno yogurt.  I chopped up some jalapeno and placed it in a blender proof jar. I poured some of the warmed milk with yogurt starter (previous batch) into the jar, whirred it in the blender, and placed it with all the plain yogurt jars into the space blanket to grow.

As you can see in the photo, there’s a reason you never see jalapeno yogurt at the grocery.  The top half is jalapeno yogurt with a surprisingly frothy texture. The bottom half is jalapeno whey.  Clearly this is a product for home use. 

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