Monday, February 29, 2016

Cold Shower Experiment

I subscribe to Simpleology.  When they suggested cold showers in the morning, with the possibility that it would make me less sensitive to cold weather, I decided to try it.

For the first 3 months, I hated my morning cold showers, but winter was coming and I thought a few minutes in the morning would be a minor trade-off for avoiding winter misery.  I did breath-of-fire in the shower. I became a master of the quick shower, except when I wash my hair.  I even discovered that my scalp doesn’t mind cold water as much as my tummy and back do.

Then the test came.  Cold weather, snow, ice.  It wasn’t so bad. I found myself making excuses – this winter isn’t as cold as last winter.  I’m dressed for the weather.

But somewhere around the 3 month mark, I started thinking of cold showers as normal. I no longer did breath-of-fire in order to endure them.

And a few days ago I was out biking when the temperature dropped.  I wasn’t dressed for it. Wind whipped up. A cold rain (in the 30's) fell.  And my first thought was: I took a colder shower than this when I got up this morning.

My one-person data point: Yes, cold showers help make cold weather more tolerable.

And it turns out there are other benefits: Improves alertness, circulation, immunity, and other good health features.

The main thing is that I enjoyed feeling stronger than an unexpected cold windy shower.


  1. You are way more tough than I am. I am glad this is working out for you.