Sunday, February 7, 2016

My 1%

Bernie Sanders (my choice for President) has received donations from about 689,000 people.

My first thought was – is that all?

But then I did some research.  In a typical presidential election, the total number of donors to any political candidate is 1% of the US Population. 

Clinton’s campaign has about 400,000 donors.  

Trump has received about $74,000 dollars.  Since the average political donor has donated 5 times at this point in the campaign, that’s about 15,000 donors.

The other candidates aren’t publicizing their number of donors – only the names of their biggest donors, as required by law. 

Still, it’s amazing to find myself part of the 1% – the 1% that shouldn’t exist.  

I think electoral campaigns should be financed by taxes, so that no candidates can be bought by their biggest donors.  To be clear – no individual donations, no PACs.  No TV ads. Just debates in which the candidates get equal time – no bonus minutes for being good at rhetoric, or for being entertaining.

Now, if the other 1% were as ready to abdicate as I am, we’d be on our way to clean politics.

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