Friday, September 2, 2016

Erotic Cartoon Alligators and other Oddities

First I received an email from Draft2Digital informing me that SCRIBD has rejected my children’s book Oliver, A Story About Adoption because of erotic content.  I wrote back asking if the problem was the backside of a naked cartoon alligator. They responded that it is possible I received the wrong reject letter. The book might have been rejected because of its wordcount. But a few hours later, I again received the reject based on erotic content.  This is an award-winning book that got written up in School Library Journal. I don't think most people find these alligators objectionable.

Then I went for my annual physical, which I only get because the insurance company gives me a 15% discount if I go and have the blood work done.  My regular doctor wasn’t there, so I got the office newbie.  He was insistent that I get a tetanus shot.  I asked why, since I live in a city made of cement. With a straight face, he told me that I might fall off my bicycle onto a rusty nail and get tetanus.  I tried explaining to him that the tetanus bacteria grows in moist warm soil, not in streets.  He insisted that rust causes tetanus.

He clearly does not know that vaccines can only be made against bacteria and that rust is inanimate.  So, I did a bit of web surfing.  One person in Philadelphia did get tetanus in 2015. This person was a fully vaccinated child.  

Now, suspicious, I went to the CDC site. According to CDC, age alone is the best predictor of tetanus mortality.  Not vaccination status:
1/4th of people who get tetanus have been vaccinated recently.
I’m not going to get the shot.

I’m also not going to put clothes on my cartoon alligators.

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