Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Saving 56 Cents

CVS was having a 30% off sale on CVS brand items.
I decided to stock up on some items I use often.

I bought some pantiliners.  Regular price is $5.49
Sale price $3.84
I bought two of them.
The store charged me: $8.24

The invoice had a phone number to call with questions.
I called. My question didn’t fit into any of their categories, so I tried Human, Agent, Representative. Eventually, I got a human.
The woman who answered the phone didn’t understand my concern.

First she had me give her the order number 3 times.
Then she asked if the order had been placed yet.
I explained that the order number is assigned when the order is placed.

She said, “The price is $5.49.”
“That’s without the 30% discount,” I explained.  “I used coupon FRIEND30.”
“You got two of them,” she said. “You have to take the discount from the price for two. You can’t just multiply the price for one.”
So, I talked her through $5.49 plus $5.49 is $10.98.  Times .7 is $7.68.  Not $8.24.

Oddly, she did not question my use of .7 and demand that I use .3 and then subtract.
Instead she got a co-worker over to ask what to do.

Then she asked, “Do I have your permission to place the order?”
I asked, “Did you cancel the previous order?”
She said, “I don’t think it has been placed yet.”
I said, “I wouldn’t know about this mistake if it had not been placed.”
She asked, “What is the order number?”
I told her the number again.

At this point we’d been on the phone for over 20 minutes, trying to fix a $.56 problem.

Her co-worker said “give her a credit.”
She offered me a $3 credit.
I said, “That’s more than you owe me, but I’ll take it.”

“Is there anything else,” she said, dread in her voice.
I said, “Yes. Please send a not to your website programmers asking them to fix this problem. I’m sure this isn’t the only item that is calculating incorrectly.”

“I’ll do that,” she said.
But her voice sounded like she had no idea how to begin.

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